About Flow

Crafting Software With Purpose

Flow builds software that meets the goals of our clients and their customers. The products that we create are simple to use, streamline key workflows, automate where possible and create a single source of truth.

Our Story

Design Driven From The Start

Software without foundational design is simply a glorified database or Excel spreadsheet.

Since the beginning of Flow, we've focused on how we can design better experiences for the users of our software, enabling efficiency and a world-class user experience.


Business Needs Trump Tech

The core Flow team didn't start in the IT industry and therefore don't obsess over the technology like some IT professionals you've worked with in the past.

We use the best technologies to support business goals, without a focus on novelty or unnecessary complexity.


Software Development For SMB's

Custom business software development has long been exclusive to the enterprise due to it's cost and required time commitment, but Flow has prides itself on it's ability to create incredible outcomes for the small-to-medium business market.

Our development process has been streamlined for this segment and by dedicating individual developers to client projects, we can keep costs manageable to drive a clear ROI for our clients.


A Small Team Of Agile Innovators

Flow has a small core team of 4 staff with additional Australian-based developers on hand to help us with projects when the need arises.

Where possible, we encourage in-person collaboration and discovery during the initial stages of our client projects.


Better Businesses With Technology —

ROI Driven

During the discovery stages with Flow, we endeavor to uncover the key drivers for a clear ROI for your business when working with Flow.

Quality + Speed

Flow uses an in-house agile development system and modern technologies to build and release high-quality software fast.

USER Focused

Behind each feature of the software we build is a clear understanding of why and how it works in the greater context of your business.

Cloud Software

Flow only builds scalable cloud software hosted close to your users. This allows the overhead of software to stay low and grow with your business on demand.

Proven Process

The Flow team have created a discovery, design and project management system over the last 8 years to minimise project risk and drive quality outcomes

Align WIth Goals

Software should never exist for the sake of software. It should enable growth, efficiency, customer experience or staff happiness. We don't create software in a vacuum.