From Frustrated Staff Using Excel To A Streamlined, Single Source of Company Truth

Flow specialises in deeply understanding a company's workflow requirements and their existing efficiency bottlenecks and transforming that knowledge into streamlined and automated business software, built for the sole purpose of enabling growth and staff happiness


Pre-Flow Issues —

Spreadsheet Workflows

Using spreadsheets had been an OK way to manage projects until staff growth resulted in an inability to share documents, document crashes leading to data loss and a breakdown of company systems and processes.

Staff Unhappiness

By using spreadsheets and Word documents to manage key workflows, systems and processes were scattered and difficult to understand. This resulted in staff training times of 3 months and greater and staff unhappiness.

Inability To Scale

The time taken to many any single project was inflated due to clunky workflows, unorganized daily task management and a lack of clarity on what was to be prioritized at any time. 


Using document-driven workflows and processes meant staff had to be located in a central office where documents could be shared. Remote work and inter-state growth were not an option.


Striving For A Single Source Of Truth For Our Clients

Creating a "Single Source Of Truth" for your company streamlines workflows, enables staff to do great work and enables automation opportunities and growth.

Flow strives to create beautiful and efficient business software that is a single source of truth for every one of our clients.

The Flow Transformation —

Streamlined & Automated Workflows

By deeply understanding the client's opportunities, bottlenecks and key workflows, Flow was able to design and create a custom business platform that streamlined the key processes unique to this company. Staff can now manage more clients than ever while maintaining world-class customer service. Data entry was automated wherever possible.

Simplicity Enabled Excellence

Staff on-boarding time was reduced significantly as workflows were displayed prominently on project pages and inline written processes were available on the platform at all times. Enabling new staff to do great work quickly was no longer an issue preventing company growth and existing staff always know their priorities and next tasks.

Unlocking Dramatic Growth

From being artificially capped in client count due to document-based workflows, this client was able to grow dramatically with market demand, making them a force to be reckoned with in an industry with billion dollar competitors.

Enabling Remote Work And Scale

The cloud-based business platform was crucial to enable remote work during the COVID-19 crisis and into the future. Scaling to other states and countries is now as simple as on-boarding new remote staff onto the cloud-based platform.

Unveiling Company Insights

By creating a single source of truth, the management team is able to leverage their data in new ways, giving them previously hidden insights into company efficiency, profitability and staff performance. Reports can be created on demand, providing insights to all levels of staff.

Improved Client Experience

A new client gateway has enabled a secure and class-leading client experience which was previously impossible. Client touch-points are now streamlined and branded ensuring a unique value proposition to customers in a very competitive market.

The Flow Process

To enable significant client results, Flow must ensure that key workflows are captured and digitised in a way that enables our clients goals. To do this, we:


Discover existing workflows, processes, bottlenecks and opportunities within the company.


Identify opportunities for automation, process improvement and digitisation.


Design the platform that will enable the opportunities identified in the discovery process and meet the clients goals.


Create rapid releases every two weeks of the end-product, demonstrating progress to key stakeholders and enabling course-correction and collaboration.


Partner with our clients for the long-term to continue to support and enable their growth with technology.