The Flow Manifesto

1. We Never Build Software For The Sake Of Software

We believe that digital products should only exist if they provide value to the people using them. Does it help people do "better" work? Does it help them find joy or connect with others or focus on more important things?

Creating business value will always be at the core of our work.


2. Always Provide A Clear Path To An ROI

Too often, enabling technology is seen as an expense with little opportunity for return. We disagree. We only work with clients where we believe we can create a significant return on investment


3. We Believe Technology Is Never The Biggest Risk

Instead, we believe that the most significant risk is building the wrong product. Modern technology means that nearly any technological goal is achievable, but the question must always return to "why". Why should this exist, and who is the target user?

How can we help them achieve their goals and provide value as efficiently as possible?


4.We Craft Solutions For The End Users

Many times, the people selecting software are not the people using it!

It's incredibly important to keep the end users in mind at all times because they are the people we need to enable and help to achieve their goals in order to see results.


5.We Believe Product Design Must Always Align With The Product Goals

The design for digital products must always align with the goals of the people who will be using the product. Designing a digital product in any other way will lead to frustration, wasted time and apathy.


6.We Strive To Not Make You Think

Designing software simply is a challenge, but it's the benchmark we must meet. "Don't Make Me Think" is the underlying principle we use when crafting our solutions.

We must always ask; How can we simplify? How can we reduce clicks? How can this be more obvious?


7.We Believe In Big Picture Context, Small Picture RELEASES

Digital products never appear in a vacuum. Instead, they are pieces of a machine made of technology, infrastructure, people, processes and goals. Digital products must have this context in mind. We mitigate complexity with small steps and small releases within that greater context and opportunity.


8.We've Found That Too Much Novelty Is The Enemy

In a world of cryptocurrency, blockchains, the internet of things and micro-services, it's difficult to find clarity. We believe in removing complexity as much as possible, focusing on the value to the end users and the bigger picture project goals and rapid development.

Very rarely does novelty need to be a part of that conversation.


9.We Believe Automation Enables Creativity

Digital automation can sound scary without context. We believe that automation and streamlining with technology will allow people to focus on being knowledge workers, rather than focusing on the parts of their jobs that cause them so much anguish. To automate data entry, report creation, job tracking or communications is to create the ability to focus on much more important, human, tasks.


10.We Find That Incredible Outcomes Come From Incredible Inputs

Creating products that create incredible value is the effect of high-quality inputs. Inputs from our clients and their stakeholders. Inputs from the design team, the development team and the management teams. Only with incredible contributions will you get incredible outcomes.


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