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We partner with forward-thinking Australian businesses to create digital solutions that streamline processes and automate tasks, so our partners become more efficient, profitable and grow.

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Our Client's Success Stories

HDAA Client Case Study

Buiness Digitisation To Achieve Incredible Efficiency

"Working with Ben and the team at Flow has been absolutely transformational for HDAA and I know that our ongoing partnership will continue to improve our efficiency and productivity, enabling us to grow now and into the future."

HDAA David Hamer Image

David Hamer

Managing Director HDAA Australia

CQU Client Case Study

Enabling Free Internet Access to Indigenous Northern Queenslanders In Innovative Ways

"Working with Flow allowed us to work through the many challenges that a mobile application like this presents and we were able to create an iOS and Android app that successfully achieves everything that we'd hoped it would."

CQU Biplob Ray Image

Biplob Ray

Senior CQUniversity Lecturer

Empowering Life Skills Client Case Study

Transitioning In-Person Conflict Resolution Training To A Scalable And Engaging Online Learning Platform

"Ben and the Flow team went above and beyond with our projects and we couldn't be happier with the result. They consistently turns our ideas into something that works better than we’d hoped and their guidance along the whole process was invaluable."

Jocelyne Chirnside Image

Jocelyne Chirnside

Founder of Empowering Life Skills

Providence Flea Client Case Study

Growing From An Excel Based Vendor And Market Management To A Single, Automated Management System

"I’m very happy with how the project turned out, and I was impressed by the flexibility and guidance from Flow to make it perfect. I’m convinced the progress we’ve made into automating as much of the process as possible will translate into cost savings for our team and increased profits down the road."

Maria Tocco Image

Maria Tocco

Manager of Providence Flea Markets

The Tools We Use To Digitise Are

Modern Web Application Development

Cloud based web applications can support your business by automating and streamlining your internal processes or by creating value for your customers. Web applications are very flexibile tools for digital transformation and can be used on any device with internet access.

Mobile Application Development

Flow can create beautiful Android and iOS mobile applications using modern design and technologies. These can connect with your existing services and create the opportunity for mobility and flexibility in your business.

Technology Consulting

Our years of digital transformation experience can help you clarify, understand and plan your own projects. Dramatically reduce project risk and ensure you're capturing as much value from the project as possible with a trusted advisor.

Flow's Digital Transformation Process


Explore And Discover Digital Transformation Opportunities

The Flow team strives to get a return on investment for our clients and to align that return on investment with their unique goals, opportunities and challenges.

If we're a good fit, we'll define project goals and scope and start planning to reach those milestones.


Design The Solution In Small Iterations

To ensure that we're always on the same page and building a business solution that provides the most possible value, we will craft designs that simply explain the workflow and interface designs.

This is the best time to explore ideas, gather feedback from stakeholders, make changes and iterate towards the project goals. Designs are an incredible opportunity to start exploring and reduce the project risk.


Release Testable Iterations Often

The Flow Agile Process is a tailor-made project management system that we've implemented to reduce risk and to increase visibility of digital transformation projects.

By creating testable releases early and often, the ability to collaborate and iterate to an incredible end result is dramatically improved.


Identify New Opportunities

Creating solutions for problems and exploring opportunities with technology opens up incredible opportunities to keep expanding and growing. We help you uncover what's next, if you'd like to continue the journey. Otherwise, we're always there to support the ongoing success of the work that we built together.

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Are you considering digital transformation?

Hello and thank you for researching Flow!

We pride ourselves on being able to do incredible work for our clients. That ability comes from a few key factors that are often neglected in the IT industry:

  • Empathy and understanding for our clients unique situation.
  • Small iterations and releases to reduce the risk of building the wrong thing.
  • Embrace client collaboration at every stage (you’re the expert of your business, we need your insight to create the best possible outcomes!)
  • Crafting solutions with the end-user’s experience and goals in mind.

We NEVER create software for the sake of software. We craft software to create opportunities and solve problems.

We NEVER design solutions for the sake of design. We design solutions that result in efficiency, usability and results.

We ALWAYS keep the project goals in mind and never deviate from true north.

We KNOW that digital transformation is more than just a buzzword. It's an opportunity for businesses to streamline, grow and explore new opportunities.

If you feel like your business has untapped potential and opportunities that digital transformation can enable, I’d love to personally speak to you about how those things can be achieved and the best ways you can achieve them.

Book a call with me personally using the button below and I can help you explore the possibilities for your business.

All the very best,

Ben Walker - Founder of Flow Custom Software, the digital transformation experts

Ben Walker

Flow Custom Software

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